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Date: 15.07.2019

In our digital photo archive (www.leipzig.travel/photoarchives) you can find more than 2000 Leipzig pictures for download in print quality (300 dpi).


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Digital Photo Archive

Digital Photo Archive: Conditions of use

Do you need an image of the Leipzig Music Trail, the Gewandhaus or the pub mile Drallewatsch? No problem.
Which services does the photo archive offer?

Here you can find a selection of about 300 images of Leipzig. The photographs are property of the respective photographer. A reproduction of the photo archive or basic parts of it – e.g. in the form of link lists – is not permitted. The photo archive has a user-friendly design, so you have several options to find your desired image.

1) Full-text search
Please enter a sight (e.g. Monument to the Battle of the Nations) or word elements under “keyword” and click on “display”. 

2) Choose a category
All images are subdivided into 20 categories. “Attractions” shows typical sights of Leipzig, while “Details and city views” offers more unusual images. Do you need a winter picture for your article? You can find suitable photos for download in the corresponding categories.

3) Alphabetical search
If you use the alphabetical search, the data in the full text search and the category selection will be ignored. If you want to go through the complete photo archive, click "all" at the end of the letter bar.

4) Captions
Short texts are available in the detailed description of selected images. You may use them for editorial purposes.  
How does the download work?
You can view three versions of each image: a preview, a detailed version or direct download. When you click on "Details", you will get a large image view. From here, you can "download the picture" and save it.
Who is allowed to use the images for publications?

All images can be used free of charge for private and for editorial purposes in connection with travel coverage about Leipzig. This also applies to the use of images within editorial articles online. For the use of images in digital media, you need to mention the photographer (see next point).
Furthermore, all tour operators may use the images free of charge to illustrate tour programmes to Leipzig and its region in their catalogues. This also applies to the representation of travel catalogues as a PDF file on the internet and to online display in connection with Leipzig trips. In the case of online use, the name of the photographer must be mentioned either in the image, next to or below the image, or a mouseover.The use of the pictures in social networks such as Facebook or Pinterest is not permitted, unless the photographer confirms the use in written. In this case, please contact the photographer directly.

How can I purchase the rights for commercial use of the photos?

In accordance with § 13 of the German Act on Copyright and Related Rights, the user has to identify the photographer. In order to use the images of the digital photo archive free of charge, the complete name of the photographer, for example “Michael Bader”, has to be printed in the publication. It is not allowed to specify a collective source for several images, e.g. "LTM" or "Leipzig". Furthermore, each image must be assigned to the respective photographer. Special arrangements are possible after consultation with the press office of LTM: presse@ltm-leipzig.de.
How to purchase the rights for a commercial use of the photos?
The use of photos in commercial publishing products or other publications for resale purposes is not permitted because LTM does not have the rights to share the photos with third parties for commercial purposes. This includes the representation in guidebooks, DVD, CD-ROM, calendars, posters, displays, postcards, souvenirs, advertisements, composing, brochures, etc. If you wish to use an image commercially, you may request and purchase the usage rights from the photographer. By clicking on the preview of the desired image, the contact details of the photographer appear.

Are the photos printable?
All photos in the photo archive are available as jpg files in high resolution (300 dpi). An individual post-editing of the raw material may be necessary at times. Restoration (retouch) and other changes are only possible with the photographer’s consent.

Document Copies
In accordance with § 25 of the law on the publishing rights from 19th June 1901(RGBI p. 217), copy containing photograph(s) from this photo archive is to be given to LTM free of charge without request, immediately and in its entirety. This does not apply to local print media. The copy can also be submitted as a PDF file (max 8 MB file size.) or download link: presse@ltm-leipzig.de.

What happens in case of contraventions against the conditions of use?
In case of contravention, LTM or the prejudiced photographer can demand that the user take back all products containing these photos at the user’s expense and that the user either correct the product or stop the distribution completely. In addition, LTM or the photographers can demand compensation. In case of improper, commercial use the photographer is entitled to demand normal market remuneration. This will be determined on the basis of the prevailing list of photographic fees issued by the German photo marketing association (MFM).
Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Foto-Marketing
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