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Date: 15.07.2019

Theatre, Revues and Variety


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Theatre, Revues and Variety in Leipzig

Archivphoto; photo: Kabarett-Theater SanftWut
Centraltheater; photo: LTM-Brzoska

Calling all fans of the theatre, revue shows and variety:

Leipzig is the place for you!

Time and again, visitors to this city of culture and commerce are impressed by Leipzig's diversity. Whether your interests lie in the theatre, revue, music, architecture or art, as a keen fan of culture you will be well rewarded by a visit to Leipzig.

Leipzig is richly endowed with theatres of all shapes and sizes. There's a stage for every type of production, from a lavishly produced play at the Centraltheater to an innovative new production at the Theater der Jungen Welt.

Leipzig has more revue shows per person than anywhere else in Germany and can justifiably be called its cabaret capital. Visitors to the city can choose from a veritable feast of revue shows, with the Saxon dialect coming in for a bit of gentle ribbing from all the acts.
The Leipzig cabaret scene also features some impressive variety shows, where the visitor might be treated to a breathtaking display of aerial acrobatics, magic, music and comedy whilst enjoying some of the city's culinary delights.

The Leipzig Lachmesse (Laughter Fair) is Germany's biggest international festival of satire and cabaret and takes place every year in the autumn. The eleven-day Humour and Satire Festival is a chance to enjoy top-quality cabaret, comedy, clowning, music and fun at over 100 different events.


The Krystallpalast Leipzig

Variety extraordinaire

Leipzig's most famous and innovative variety show, the Kristallpalast Varieté, has been alive and well in the heart of the city for the past 10 years, radiating elegance and contemporary grandeur. It dazzles with variety shows of a fresh, unconventional and poetic nature, which hold visitors of all ages from 6 to 99 under their spell. In its intimate atmosphere, the auditorium at the Varieté seats 190 people in the stalls and two balconies. There, you can witness a firework display of mesmerising acrobatics incorporated in a show brimming with music, charm, magic and wit. You'll be amazed at the aerial acrobatic display taking place seven metres above you.
Treat yourself to some first-class fare in the elegant Varieté restaurant, which is open both before and after the show, and where the constantly changing menus are inspired by the imaginative ideas of international artists and their acts.

Come under the spell of the Kristallpalast Varieté, and enter a world of laughter, amazement and illusion!
Krystallpalast artistic; Photo: Schulze
Performence Krystallpalast Varieté; Photo: Schulze
Krystallpalast Varieté; Photo: LTM-Brzoska
Centraltheater Leipzig; Foto: LTM