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The Münzgasse

Small - but really nice!

Café Waldi am Kopfe der Münzgasse; Foto LTM-Schmidt
Since May 2004 another small restaurant district has taken shape with the renovation of the Münzblock Building (Münzgasse 1), completed by 1974, and Schramms Hof. The 'Münzgasse' - the 'gateway to the South', and around 200 metres long - now connects the town-centre 'Drallewatsch' with the 'KarLi' located in Leipzig’s Südvorstadt area, and boasts many unusual and original establishments that invite the visitor to stay a while and enjoy a meal, especially in the summer months. The atmosphere is certainly international here: you can find Lebanese cuisine at the 'Beirut Night' or Japanese Sushi at the 'Mifune' and there is even a 'Texas Inn'. Or perhaps you'd prefer a quiet reverie at the 'Kleine Träumerei'?