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Gottschedstraße; Photo: LTM- Schmidt


Pubs and bars in the theatre district

The pub and bar area known as the ' theatre district' is located around the Gottschedstraße, named after the writer Johann Christoph Gottsched., and it came into existence more or less by chance.

Following the opening of the 'Maga Pon' laundrette at the beginning of the nineties - today a cult pub/bar and once the location for filming the 'Tatort' ('Crime Scene') TV series - many trendy meeting places grew up in the nearby buildings close to St. Thomas Church, most of them badly in need of renovation.

Being so near to the Leipzig Schauspiel theatre, these new chic establishments quickly became regular meeting places for a trend-setting clientele connected with the theatre scene.

The outdoor seating areas - some with a view of St. Thomas Church - invite visitors to linger, particularly in the warmer months.