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The Barfußgässchen in the city centre

Since 1989 a number of exciting restaurant districts have grown up in Leipzig. The best-known of these is in the area around the Barfußgässchen.

In the oldest part of the city you can still get the feeling of how densely built-up the town centre used to be. Historic buildings from the Renaissance, Baroque and Wilhelminian periods stand cheek-by-jowl.

The Barfußgässchen is known as 'Drallewatsch', and was established in 1996 by two dozen enterprising Leipzig restaurateurs.

This is where you can feel the town centre's heartbeat!
A stroll through the 'Drallewatsch' - an old Saxon term for 'really having fun' or 'letting your hair down' - is an absolute must for those who want to feel the pulse of the city right up close.