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Date: 15.07.2019

Sports and activity holidays


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Cast off!

Activity holidays and recreation in the city

The opportunity to sail out into the countryside right from the city centre… something that sounds like a dream has long been a reality in Leipzig.

The city is constantly expanding its vast network of waterways - in summer 2011 the Gewässerverbund Leipziger Neuseenland (the New Lakeland Waterways Network) opened the first fully passable water route between Leipzig’s city port and Lake Cospuden, known as Course 1. So cast off and go!

The route brings into view Leipzig’s spacious park landscapes and magnificent Wilhelminian villas, and immerses travellers in the unique animal and plant world of the Auwald Forest - for this reason, the route may only be travelled by special permission. Numerous cafes and restaurants have also sprung up at the banks of the waterways.

Young people and artists feel especially drawn here by the fascinating array of old industrial buildings and abundant selection of leisure activities.
More information about the network of lakes and waterways

Musical cycling

Those who love to go cycling at the weekend have a wide range of beautiful routes to choose from in Leipzig:

whether along the Elster, Pleiße or Parthe floodplains, the Karl Heine Canal, the new opencast mining lakes, or the network of green spaces within the city itself, cyclists will certainly have the opportunity to enjoy the city from a different perspective.

Leipzig’s rich history can also be explored by bike. The "Leipziger Notenrad" (Leipzig Music Trail) bike tour has been developed by the Leipziger Notenspur Initiative and explores the unique musical treasures that Leipzig has to offer.
"Leipziger Notenrad"
Lake Markkleeberg Canoe Park; Photo: LTM Brzoska
Plagwitz, Karl-Heine-Kanal; Photo: LTM-Schmidt