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Date: 15.07.2019

Leipzig Zoo


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Leipzig Zoo

On nature’s trail

Experience the animal kingdom on a tour through Leipzig Zoo.

A visit to the world’s biggest centre for great apes “Pongoland” is as unforgettable an experience as an audience with the King of the Jungle on the “Makasi Simba” (lion savannah) or a safari through the expanses of the “Kiwara Savannah” to view the giraffes, antelopes, zebras and flamingos.

The Siberian tiger enclosure “Tiger Taiga” is designed to be as natural as possible, and visitors will marvel at the sight of its inhabitants taking a bath.

In the Asian world, the “Ganesha Mandir” elephant temple will simply take your breath away – you can actually observe an elephant swimming underwater through an armoured glass window at the Leipzig Zoo!

The Gondwanaland Tropical Experience, the latest attraction at the zoo, opened in 2011.


The Gondwanaland Tropical Experience

Since 2011 there has been a spectacular new attraction at Leipzig Zoo: the "Gondwanaland" Tropical Experience - larger than two football pitches and more than 30 meters height.

Gondwanaland is a multi-sensory journey of discovery through a tropical rainforest that is home to 40 exotic species and over 500 different types of trees and plants. Follow the jungle paths, climb the treetop trail and float downstream on the primeval Gamanil River.