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Date: 15.07.2019

Founding of the town and Leipzig anniversary year


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Founding of the Town and Leipzig's Anniversary Year

An eventful history

1015 First mention of "urbs Libzi"
1165 Official year of foundation and granting of town charter and market rights
1539 Luther preaches in St. Thomas Church – The Reformation
First Leipzig newspaper (world's first daily newspaper)
1813 Battle of the Nations
Founding of the Saxon Academy of Sciences
1878 Opening of the Leipzig Zoo 
1902-1915 Construction of Leipzig Central Station
1911 Inauguration of the airport 
1913 Dedication of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations 
1938 Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) 
1989 Peaceful Revolution
  Leipzig celebrated: 
1993 300th anniversary of the Opera
250th anniversary of the Gewandhaus Orchestra
150th anniversary of the Leipzig Conservatory
Opening of the new Leipzig Trade Fair site
2015 850th anniversary of the city of Leipzig