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Specialities from Leipzig


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Specialities from Leipzig

Leipzig is the oldest trade fair city and has the greatest musical tradition next to Vienna, but it is also a city for people who like to enjoy life. The large number of specialities from Leipzig reflects the high standard of living enjoyed by the people of Leipzig over the centuries compared with the surrounding areas. So, what is actually typical for Leipzig, and where do the locals themselves eat out?

This is where to find the classics of Leipzig's cuisine, including buying tips and recipes to try out at home.

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Culinary Leipzig (pdf 37.4 kB)

Leipziger Allerlei

Leipziger Allerlei; photo: LTM-Schmidt
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Specialities around Bach

Bach Souvenirs; photo: LTM-Baarhs
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Leipziger Räbchen

Leipziger Räbchen; photo: LTM-Brzoska
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Leipziger Allasch

Leipziger Allasch; photo: LTM-Brzoska
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Leipziger Gose

Gosenschenke; photo: LTM-Schmidt
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Leipziger Lerchen

Leipziger Lerchen; photo: LTM-Schmidt
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