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Date: 15.07.2019

Leipzig's courtyards and passageways


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Leipzig's courtyards and passageways

Passagenfest; Foto: LTM-Brzoska
A stroll through Leipzig's unique network of passageways and exhibition halls evokes the city's tradition as a centre for trade fairs, which goes back over many centuries.

They have been a characteristic feature of the city centre for 500 years, their history closely intertwined with Leipzig's development as a thriving centre for trade and exhibitions. There are other commercial passageways in other European cities, but nothing to match the enclosed network within the city centre of Leipzig.

The scale of the passageway system is unrivalled anywhere Europe. It is a unique architectural feature the City of Leipzig is very committed to maintaining, and therefore the historic passageways and interconnecting courtyards are preserved, with new ones even being added to enhance the network.

Take a stroll through the passageways, courtyards and exhibition buildings: you’ll feel the magic of their charm and architectural diversity.

The Leipzig Passageway Festival

Interactive map of Leipzig´s courtyards and passageways


1 || The Old City Hall (Market Square)

Altes Rathaus; Foto: LTM-Schmidt
The Old City Hall was built in 1556-57 by Hieronymus Lotter and is an outstanding example of German Renaissance architecture. There is a passage connecting the Market Square and the Naschmarkt to the Old Stock Exchange, which also contains the entrance to the Museum of City History.