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Date: 15.07.2019

Architecture during the Gründerzeit


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Architecture during the Gründerzeit

Leipzig – the secret capital of Historicism

Grassistraße - Simonstraße; Foto: LTM-Schmidt
The trade fair city of Leipzig has retained a self-contained collection of buildings from the period of the Wilhelmine Empire which is unrivalled anywhere in Germany.

With 15,672 heritage sites, of which 80 per cent are buildings from the Gründerzeit era, Leipzig is Germany's capital of monuments, with the biggest and finest collection of Gründerzeit and Art Nouveau architecture in the country.

Leipzig was fortunate to escape the level of destruction wreaked upon other cities during the Second World War, notably Hamburg, Dresden and Magdeburg. The post-war years saw the surviving architecture fall into neglect, but there was little large-scale demolition of the old stock to make way for new building.

Today the old bourgeois residential districts, for example the South District, the "Music" District and the Waldstraße District, have undergone renovation on a major scale. The stock of old buildings in Connewitz, Plagwitz and Reudnitz have become popular places to live for students and young families.
Historicism and Art Nouveau - Architecture in Leipzig around 1900
The Waldstraße District
The Music District
Nordplatz: a Historicist complex
The South District