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Date: 15.07.2019

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Art & Discoveries


Leipzig's Spirit

Hidden Leipzig; photo: T. Schulz
Outside the centre, beyond the »inner city ring road«, to the north, east, south and west of the city of Leipzig, you can find exciting experiments and hidden highlights in the midst of wasteland and industrial monuments; in Gründerzeit glory, concrete tower blocks, and 21st century design.

The special attitude towards life in Leipzig is difficult to describe. We'll make it simple: in 60 pictures and with 146 specific tips from off the beaten track. In Leipzig's different districts, speciality restaurants, beautiful parks, concert halls, favourite shops, art galleries and independent theatres are hidden away; unless you know where to look. There are whole streets where life is raging: places of creativity and innovation. Not even the Leipzigers have explored each and every district and know all the tips in this exceptional guide.
Leipzig loves its guests! Come with us and meet friendly locals, discover scene secrets and visit magical places!
Hidden Leipzig - The city is revealing its secrets.

Art Galleries

Art Hall of Sparkasse Leipzig; Photo by Andreas Schmidt


Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts; Photo by Bogomir Ecker Schmidt

Pub Districts and Nightlife

Southern Mile Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse; Photo by Andreas Schmidt

Cabaret and Variety Shows

Cabaret Leipziger Pfeffermuehle; Photo by Andreas Schmidt